Prices & Fees

As with any new hobby (in particular instruments and traditional arts), initial costs can be a bit high. For this reason, I offer trial lessons which allow you to try out the instruments before making a huge commitment.

If you decide to take lessons on a regular basis, I will help you find and purchase all the materials you will need.

Lesson Fees

  • Trial lesson*

    • ¥1,000/45 min

  • Kids(Under 12 years old)

    • ¥1,500/40 min

  • Beginner Level

    • ¥2,500/1 hour

  • Intermediate Level

    • ¥3,000/1 hour

  • Monthly maintenance fee**

    • ¥1,000 (koto only)

  • Instrument Rental***

Additional starting costs

  • Text book (required)

    • ¥1,500 +tax

  • 3 plectrum including fitting (required)

    • ¥4,000~¥9,000 (plastic or ivory)

  • Seiza music stand (optional)

    • ¥4,000~¥7,000 (plastic or wood)

  • Seated koto stand (optional)

    • ¥9,000~¥15,000

Payment methods

  • Cash

  • Bank transfer

  • Wise app

*If you aren't sure you would like to commit to lessons or if you would just like to experience the koto or shamisen, I offer 45-minute trial lessons. We can study some basics and learn to play a simple song by the end of the lessons. It's a fun experience, you won't be required to purchase any expensive accessories or music, and you will have a fun Instagram video.

**Koto students are NOT required to bring their own instrument to the lesson. This fee covers the cost of wear on my personal instruments, such as replacing strings and parts.

***Instrument rental is possible upon request and permitting availability. Fees will vary.